Lime Paints and Patinas

The aesthetic quality of Lime-Based Paints are inherent in their composition, being their high lime content, thus expressing the natural mineral materials of architecture (i.e. masonry, concrete, stone). The subtle variations in tone develop much in the same way as in stone and color intrinsic concrete. As in stone and concrete, when they are wet the colors become more pronounced.

Patina Stains are designed to enhance new and existing concrete surfaces by adding decorative and unique shades of color. The variegated and translucent color effects are a result of the unique formulation of blended acid metallic salts in water-based solutions that are slightly acidic. This provides a variation of earth tone colors similar to the oxidation of a copper roof or the patina of a bronze sculpture. The stains lightly etch and penetrate new or existing concrete and chemically form permanent insoluble colored precipitates that remain in the concrete as part of the surface pores. Patina Stains can also be used on various other cement based materials including, but not limited to, self-leveling and other topping systems, gunite, cement plaster, stucco and shot Crete. They can also be used on other products such as natural stone, marble, limestone, etc.



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