Lime Plasters

Using authentic lime plasters offer a variety of finishes and levels of effects that are not possible with synthetic or faux products.

The ability to mix products allows the system a bigger selection of texture choices and surface finishes.

The color permeates throughout the product used and natural color pigment is embedded into the plaster and not simply applied on the surface.

Compared to synthetic or acrylic plasters, authentic lime plasters inhibit and prevent bacteria growth on the surface, which eliminates the possibility of mold and mildew.
As a result of eliminating mold spores, it is hypoallergenic, not allowing allergy spores to live longer during allergy seasons and leaves a heather living environment.

Lime plaster will age gracefully, and in most cases, lasts many years longer than painted or synthetic surfaces.

Lime plaster is an excellent sound barrier and insulator.  Natural plasters will reduce the amount of humidity in a room by absorbing moisture which then evaporates off the surface over time.



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